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Custom Programming - Case Studies
The Problem
This company uses UPS World Ship for sending and tracking their customer orders.  They had to manually enter the orders they received from their online store into the UPS World Ship Tracking system.  Often times this would lead to input errors, lost orders and delay in getting the customer products to them. 
The Solution
Affluency Webs provided them with a custom programmed interface for transferring the data from their online store into a format for importing into the UPS World Ship Software Application. 
The Results
  • Orders from their online store are processed more timely and effective
  • Warehouse can focus on getting the orders out rather than data entry
  • Customers receive orders in a more timely fashion 
  • Higher level of customer satisfaction & repeat customer orders
The Problem
The company was initiating a special promotion to increase sales.  We needed a viable method to get this special promotion out to our online current customer base.

Our goals on this project were:

Receive the most Return on Investment using opt email - Our decisions were to email our current customer base with viable sales promotions on a limited basis and to run the specials for a limited time.  That way we receive the most attention from customers when they do receive an email from us.

The Solution
Affluency Webs created an Administration interface to enable the company to input their sales promotion literature (content of the sales email)  and send emails to their current customer base automatically.
The Results
Our sales promotions have successfully increased normal sales by 50% during our specials.

The Problem
This establishment had previously had a bad experience with their web hosting / web development company.  Updates to their concerts, events and weekly bands were not performed in a timely manner.  Often the updates were not done, or posted incorrectly and customers wanting to attend a concert, event or just come to the Grizzly Rose were disappointed.

Their requirements for their new website included the ability to have total management  of the updates to the concerts, events and weekly band listings.

The Solution
Affluency Webs created an Administration interface.  Working closely with the requirements of the Grizzly Rose, we created and easy to use, web based, database driven administration tool to allow them to update their concerts - including pictures and biographies of upcoming concerts, events and weekly bands.  

This dynamic calendar can be viewed on their 'On Stage' Page

The Results
  • Customers of the Grizzly Rose receive timely & accurate information about concerts, events and weekly bands performing at the Rose
  • Grizzly Rose has total management of the updates and website
  • Increased sales and customer satisfaction

The Problem
This securities investment company needed a way to manage customer accounts. They also needed away for customers to be able to login to their accounts and view account balances.  
The Solution
Affluency Webs created a secure Administration interface to allow Prime to generate passwords for their customers & be able to manage customer accounts remotely
The Results
  • Customers are given up to date & timely information regarding their account investments resulting in customer satisfaction
  • Prime has total management of their accounts

Other Applications created (Standalone)
Customer Application
WQRF - Fox 39 Rockford Illinois


College Internship Program - Software Application for the TV Station to help evaluate movie packages being offered by vendors for sale to the TV Station.  This section contained Neilson rating of movies, categories of movies (drama, horror, comedy) to enable TV viewing scheduling to promote weekly themed viewing.  Cross referenced actual movies in the TV Tape Library - for current viewing and provided sales a method for evaluating movie packages to coordinate with viewing schedules
National Audio Video This company provides video and audio recording for primarily for Medical Conventions.  They also provide duplication of the audio & video tapes recorded at the conference for sale to physicians and the medical community for medical certifications and more.

They needed a specific type of application to be able to track conference scheduling, sales and general office functions.

Time Tracking Created standalone scheduling and time tracking system to track personal employees for shift work in support of Payroll and Human Resources.  The system helped reduce unnecessary overtime and more effective scheduling of employees

Programming Languages
SharePoint Javascript SQL
VBScript ASP Cobol
Dbase FoxPro RPG II
Pascal RPG I   

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