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"Understanding the On-Line Shopping Frenzy"

On line shopping (e-commerce) is predicted to reach $400 Billion sales dollars by the year 2001 - that's only a couple of years away.    Will you profiting from these predicted sales?

There are several pieces to setting up an e-commerce website, typically they require some or all of the following pieces:

Virtual Shopping Cart Software:  A virtual shopping cart software provides you with the convenience of managing your on line store.  Some of the more sophisticated software will allow you to implement inventory control, automatic UPS shipping calculations, discounts and specials.  The virtual cart software will use DHTML (Dynamic Hypertext Markup Language). Your inventory items are dynamically displayed to reduce the coding necessary to present your entire product line.  

On-Line payment processing:  On-Line payment processing can provide you with an interface from your website to a financial institution that  automatically accepts and verifys credit card orders on-line.  The funds are automatically transferred to your banking institution. 

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Site Certificate or SSL Encryption:  A site certificate will encrypt the data being transmitted through the lines to provide safety of taking on-line credit card orders.  

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Now comes the hard part - getting all the pieces to play together

...That's where Affluency Webs has the expertise. 

Our experience ranges from stores with 1 product to stores with over 1,000 products.  We can teach you how to develop and manage your own store, or we can develop and manage the store for you.  We can provide you with a network marketing strategy to gain visibility by search engines on the Internet.

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